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Reconciliation of divorce
posted by: Jennifer on 11/20/2016

Please pray for reconciliation of my broken marriage and healing for myself and each member of my family!
I will pray 14 people are praying.
Faith Issues
posted by: Edwin Gomez on 11/7/2016

Please pray for my faith and prayer life. Even though I read a lot about faith and prayer most of the time I am not able to apply in my own life. Even now in certain areas instead of believing God after praying doubt and fear is engulfing. At this point I request your valuable prayer help for a divine intervention to deliver me from the enemies of faith, to rectify these areas and to grow in faith and prayer
I will pray 10 people are praying.
Second Job
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 11/5/2016

I have been working at my current job but it has been slowing down since after Labor Day because it is a small business so please pray so that I may find a second job on days when I am not working at my current job.
I will pray 13 people are praying.
Healing cancer
posted by: Heather on 10/20/2016

My mom has just been told she has a very big mass on each of her ovaries. We go monday to the cancer center to find out more. Please pray she will not have cancer! And can have it all gone!!! Thank you
I will pray 16 people are praying.
Surgery on Tuesday 8/30
posted by: Teresa Locklear on 8/28/2016

Please pray for me that God will keep his hand of protection on me during my surgery and that everything will turn out ok.
I will pray 16 people are praying.
posted by: Belinda Locklear on 4/11/2016

Pray For me that I get the rest of the funds for my light bill it was 700 this month and with my other bills I have payed 140 on it I went to the tribe could not help and I am on a fixed income with to children in the home thank God and other's who pray for my family
I will pray 15 people are praying.
Grandson Problems
posted by: Dasha Sanz on 2/12/2016

For our grandson J, 20, who does not want to work or study.He lives w/us as his mom threw him out. He only wants to play video games.
I will pray 16 people are praying.
Job Success
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 2/11/2016

I had graduated high school last year and I had been unemployed from September until late January. Now that I have a job please pray so that I may do well on the job.
I will pray 15 people are praying.
marriage restoration
posted by: Linda on 2/6/2016

Please pray for my beloved husband, Francisco, to be set free from all his addictions and sinful lifestyle, return to the Lord and his marriage, in Jesus' Name!
I will pray 13 people are praying.
Marriage Restoration
posted by: Jon on 1/21/2016

My wife, (Sandy) left me back on November 14th, 2015 when her very promiscuous daughter, (Jessica) delivered an illegitimate baby. Sandy has moved into Jessica's basement and is sleeping with another man while we are still married. Sandy is surrounded by people who support her poor choices also. I have been in constant prayer and believe that God can restore this marriage. "all things are possible with God" My request is for the miracle of marriage restoration and that God will soften and convict Sandy's heart to reconcile this marriage and not go through with divorce. Also that God anoint this marriage with His favor.
I will pray 13 people are praying.
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